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Cabaret Tropicana Havana & Varadero

tropicana cabaret havana

Cabaret Tropicana was built in 1939 in the Havana neighborhood of Marianao. Once considered a risk taken by an entrepreneur who decided to open a restaurant with night club entertainment with a capacity for at least 300 visitors. At the time many considered his idea unfeasible yet today Cabaret Tropicana is on of Havana’s most popular tourism venues.


Tropicana Cabaret is located in vibrant forest with large majestic trees, such as Royal Palms, Mamoncillos, Mango trees, Cedar and many others, giving the theater its cool tropical feeling. Nat King Cole, Josephine Baker, Libertad Lamarque, Cheo Feliciano, Rita Montaner, Elena Burke and Bola de Nieve and many other celebrities were amongst the many stars who have appeared on Tropicana’s illustrious stage. Performances are conducted right under the stars of Havana’s night sky.

Cabaret Tropicana

In 1992, the American Academy of Restaurant Industry bestowed Tropicana with an honorable award as the “Best of the Five Stars Diamond” for being the best cabaret in the Americas, recognized for its quality and appreciated for its rich history of over more than half a century.


The actual program “Tambores en Concierto” meaning Concert Drum was composed by the renowned choreographer and master Tomás Morales. It is a ballade featuring the most recognized and authentic Cuban rhythms, without ignoring the Hispanic and African heritage of Cuba, including rumba, mambo, danzonete and Latin jazz.

To visit Tropicana Cabaret please visit click to chat with our booking agents or contact us. We offer special deals for groups over 6 people, including preferential seating and extras.

Nightlife in Havana Tropicana Seating

Tropicana Habana

Tropicana, The most spectacular of the cabarets to open sky. A unique place in the world to enjoy the music and the Cuban and Caribbean folklore in all their color, musicality and rhythm. An art extravaganza to multiply the Cuban happiness of a true tropical night.

Book with Havanatur and receive a free seating upgrade!!

Address: Calle 72 y Línea del Ferrocarril, Marianao, Ciudad de La Habana.

Phone No: (537)267 1717

Show time 8:30 p.m. until dawn

Email for Reserves

Contact for groups :

Abajo las estrellas Havana

Bajo las Estrellas

For 1000 pax

Open air terrace, surrounded by a luxuriant tropical forest, where the fabulous and unique Tropicana shows take place. From 8.30 p.m. untill dawn.

Arcos de cristal habana

Arcos de Cristal

For 500 pax

Roofed hall reproducing the Cuban countryside at night, where Tropicana shows take place on rainy days. This hall with air-conditioned and great comfort, is ideal for conventions, press conferences, fashion shows, concerts and dances.

Restaurante Los Jardines

Restaurante Los Jardines

For 100 pax

The chords of the violin and piano, the moon filtering through the glass roof and an encompassing view of the surrounding park confirm the exoticism and sophistication of this luxurious restaurant set where Tropicana casino used to be. International cuisine, every day from 7.00 p.m. to 12.00 a.m.

cafe rodney habana

Café Rodney

For 80 pax

Café Rodney, with the modern atmosphere of the 50’s is an immediately captivating bohemian spot. Varied offers and attractive prices, every day from noon to midnight.



Tropicana Offers:


Offer 1

1 Welcome drink

1/4 Bottle of Havana Club White Extra Aged Rum

1 Coke

1 Cold cuts dish

Price: 70.00 CUC per person


Offer 2

Main table

1 Welcome drink

¼ Bottle of Havana Club Reserva Extra Aged or Havana Club Gold Extra Aged Rum

1 Coke

1 Cold cuts dish

Price: 80.00 CUC per person


Offer 3

Main table

1 Welcome drink

¼ Bottle of Whiskey or Havana Club Reserva Extra Aged Rum

1 Coke

1 Cold cuts dish

1 Souvenir

Price: 90.00 CUC per person

Tropicana Cabaret Reviews

Tropicana Cabaret latest news

Tropicana Cabaret

Tropicana Cabaret is the oldest Cabaret show. It’s located in Havana. There are dinner and show tours nightly or over night from most hotels and resorts. It’s a grand show at an outdoor theatre with many dancers in elaborate costumes.

Tropicana Cabaret is immensely popular in Havana, which is something of a paradox. It is perhaps surprising that an art form derived from de days of sleaze and decadence and symbolizing everything that the revolution abhors should have survived to thrive in revolutionary Cuba. You might have thought that cabaret could have come under the ax during the moral political purges of the early 1970s, but not at all. Gentle, inoffensive homosexual poets were hounded, but the blatantly exploitative breasts and asses razzmatazz of the Tropicana Cabaret flourished unabated.

Cubans love their Tropicana Cabaret or shows as they are known. Every provincial town has its own version of Tropicana Cabaret, some worse than others, but the basic formula is the same: a compere, a romantic tenor, a soprano, possibly a comedian and above all, the dancers! In Havana, cabarets are mostly located at the hotels. The Hotel Nacional de Cuba has a good one called Cabaret Parisien with obvious French flair, as does the Havana Cafe on Paseo next to the hotel Melia Cohiba. This one takes place against a particularly good setting of fifties memorabilia including an old Buick. There are shows at the Salon Rojo next to the Hotel Capri and in the Hotel Habana Libre`s Turquino, but the creme of cabarets in Havana is Tropicana in Marianao, in Calle 72 between 41 and 45.

“Tropicana Cabaret lots of breasts and asses”


If you’re going to Havana, you should go and enjoy Tropicana Cabaret culture. The dancers wear luxurious and gorgeous costumes. Overall, You will be satisfied with the Latin vibes


Tropicana Cabaret 2012

Tropicana Cabaret gay scene?

Tropicana Cabaret

Tropicana Cabaret Gay

If you enjoy and appreciate Las Vegas style Tropicana Cabaret entertainment with a live orchestra, dozens of dancers and entertainers then the Tropicana Cabaret won’t disappoint. There´s an aspect of sexuality thrown in for good measure to get your blood churning…

We sat in the VIP area which is right next to the stage and the lighting leaves nothing to the imagination. Tropicana Cabaret is well worth the money and the packages which include drinks and meal cannot be beaten. Basically, if you calculate the cost of these at any high end restaurant then Tropicana Cabaret works out being free entertainment thrown in over and above the price of your meal and drinks.

For those of you who are single, after the Tropicana Cabaret there´s a disco which is packed full of the opposite sex (both men and women) and, there was also quite a high level of gay presence (I am a gay male) which makes a nice change from “routing out” gay attention in Havana…


“Tropicana Cabaret Gay scene”


All in all our Tropicana Cabaret night out was a great time and we´ll highly recommend it to anyone



Tropicana Cabaret 101


Tropicana Cabaret Reviews

Tropicana Cabaret Reviews

Tropicana Cabaret Reviews


I was doubtful about giving Tropicana Cabaret Reviews at first but it turned out to be good fun. The drinks were quite expensive and the little platters they serviced looked like samples but the show was good.


My Tropicana Cabaret Reviews are that the show itself was really good, lasting around two hours. The singers were fantastic and the dancers performed numerous acrobatic feats. The elaborate costumes were also something to behold and arguably the standout feautre of the show, mainly my Tropicana Cabaret Reviews are akin to something you might see at the Rio Carnival.


“Tropicana Cabaret Reviews after visit”


We were given a quarter bottle of rum each, some cans of cola, and a cigar. This makes my Tropicana Cabaret Reviews a little more positive drink wise… These were also really good, as you would expect them to be. However the food provided (small plates of meat and cheese) tasted terrible, and were duly given to a scrawny looking cat that was doing the rounds and seemed to appreciate it much more than us.


I guess the question is, given that this type and quality of show can be found all around Cuba, is it worth the cost? We left feeling not and had we been on a tighter budget, we would have certainly felt a lot more aggrieved. In short, having now seen the show, we would probably say this is a classic tourist gimmick rather than must-see ‘blow your mind’ type show.


Tropicana Cabaret Reviews