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Tropicana Cabaret is the oldest Cabaret show. It’s located in Havana. There are dinner and show tours nightly or over night from most hotels and resorts. It’s a grand show at an outdoor theatre with many dancers in elaborate costumes.

Tropicana Cabaret is immensely popular in Havana, which is something of a paradox. It is perhaps surprising that an art form derived from de days of sleaze and decadence and symbolizing everything that the revolution abhors should have survived to thrive in revolutionary Cuba. You might have thought that cabaret could have come under the ax during the moral political purges of the early 1970s, but not at all. Gentle, inoffensive homosexual poets were hounded, but the blatantly exploitative breasts and asses razzmatazz of the Tropicana Cabaret flourished unabated.

Cubans love their Tropicana Cabaret or shows as they are known. Every provincial town has its own version of Tropicana Cabaret, some worse than others, but the basic formula is the same: a compere, a romantic tenor, a soprano, possibly a comedian and above all, the dancers! In Havana, cabarets are mostly located at the hotels. The Hotel Nacional de Cuba has a good one called Cabaret Parisien with obvious French flair, as does the Havana Cafe on Paseo next to the hotel Melia Cohiba. This one takes place against a particularly good setting of fifties memorabilia including an old Buick. There are shows at the Salon Rojo next to the Hotel Capri and in the Hotel Habana Libre`s Turquino, but the creme of cabarets in Havana is Tropicana in Marianao, in Calle 72 between 41 and 45.

“Tropicana Cabaret lots of breasts and asses”


If you’re going to Havana, you should go and enjoy Tropicana Cabaret culture. The dancers wear luxurious and gorgeous costumes. Overall, You will be satisfied with the Latin vibes


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