Booking Tropicana Cuba Havana & Varadero

Tropicana Cabaret

Surrounded by lush vegetation visits can enjoy a glittering spectacle featuring over 200 singers, dancers, musicians and vocalists. The Tropicana Cabaret is Cuba’s most famous cabaret and is offered by Havanatur Bookings. It Opened in 1931, it’s known as the “Paradise under the Stars” and it has been pleasing crowds ever since.


Tickets can be ordered by phone from 10am – 6pm or buy them at the ticket booth at 8:30 pm (call ahead of time to check availability) reservations can be made through any travel agency desk located in most of the hotels.


Even though the Tropicana cabaret is a bit pricy it’s worth every convertible pesos. The dancers, the dresses and the live music all make you just sit back and enjoy the atmosphere at the outdoor scene that is converted to a dance floor for the audience after the show. I had a ringside seat and almost had to duck when the skirts were whirling around. If you want to take pictures it’s an extra 5 CUC.If you want to take video it’s an extra 15 CUC. My recipe for the camera was checked twice. Just keep it in your shirt pocket and the whole deal of showing it is a 3 second thing – no need to take your eyes off the show! The fantasies in the show can challenge everyone. When my 7 year old nephew saw my pictures he was totally amused: “She’s dancing with a chandelier on her head. It’s lit, and it hasn’t even fallen from the ceiling?

Tropicana Cabaret Address: 72 e/ 41 y 45, Marianao, Havana Phone: 267 17 17/267 0110